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On 2/4/2020 at 8:31 PM, erners said:

strādā pubā. good luck adminiem

gaidīšu sūdzibas par tk

Elementāri labākā lieta, ko es esmu redzējis šajā operācijā. Valves feilošana neapzināti vismaz liek justies labi uz visu apzināto sadnessu, kas bija šis moneygrab's

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Uhm... I think they're like, on a honeymoon period right now. They struggled like, on-- in online qualifiers and now they're on LAN so they're enjoying life I guess. Th-they're just literally just running around headshotting people and um, and we... and obviously since we didn't... like... comm them down or anything and Astralis couldn't do it yesterday... They're just like super confident and they're all trying like individual stuff and it's working out for them. I don't think it's a playstyle that will last long, uhm... once ah... as I said like, they've had time... as like... just preparing with no one knowing what they're doing and as soon as that phase is over I don't think they'll be beating teams like Astralis.

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