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  1. 6/10, parak messy. iphone x
  2. When they bootcamp and prep hard, BIG is pretty much unstoppable. BIG sandbags some tournys and matches and just doesnt prep much and screws around and don't try, some ppl even think they throw (but of course BIG never would do that, but they do mess around and then practice tons when they want to). But it is true sometimes they don't prepare and care and sometimes they go all in. Well guess what, they didn't have the talent, so it was not time for them to waste their next level strats last year. But do you think gobB has been sleeping? There is a reason why he is head of opertations now, because it is go time and now that there is a good roster they can put the plan in motion that he has been hatching ever since his retirement. Want to know how and why BIG becomes a top team in 2020? Here it is, all laid out: CSGO operations: GobB can create new strats no one knows about cause gobB is top 5 CSGO genius minds in the wold, maybe top 3. How much better was GobB at CSGO game playing than Legija? wayyyyyyy better. So of course he is way better at CSGO operations too, he can even make some secret strats for the coach and igl. PLAYERS: tabseN and Xantares are both underrated and are top 30 players in world but people don't know it because they have been loyal and not faZe jumping type plastic players. tiziaN people said sucks and that BIG should keep nex, well nex always did bad against good teams where as tiziaN may be streaky but he has had some great performances against top teams. With his new teammates he is now really ready to shine. k1to and syrsoN...there really isn't a player with a 'N' at the end of their name, or a '1' in their name that is a bad player if you really think hard about it (tabseN, d1sbalance=good good players, and there is plenty more where that came from). They struggled a bit early due to the nerves of being on the big stage with team BIG but now their nerves settled and they have adjusted to their roles in their new team, and after the Bootcamp they are used to the team and ready to succeed as you can see recent games. Let's face it. Every day XAN the man learns better German. Everyday the new players gel more. Everyday tabseN gets more practice being an IGL, and learning from gobB. What does all of this add up to? 2020 is going to be a BIG year. BIG top 1 world
  3. Spelejot jb serveri ieveroju aizdomigu speletaju, ar nickname WoW Its Josh, sakuma viss likas labi, lidz bridim, kad dzirdeju WoW Its Josh background'a pazistamu skanu (no austinam). saja video klipa var sastapt tiesi tadu pasu skanu, kada bija dzirdama no WoW Its Josh austinam. Tada ir pieejama tikkai ar cheatiem un specialiem konfigiem cheatu ietvaros. Vel skatoties demo, pamaniju ka vinam bija ari daudz, kas cits aizdomigs, piemeram sava cauri smoke, parbaudija kamers galvas speletaja limeni, lidz to nosava un devas talak, itka zinatu, kur vajag parbaudit un kur ne, flcikoja un saka saut pa speletaju, par kuru vinam nebija nekada informacija ne dota ne sadzirdama. ap 7. raundu vins izsledza pec manam domam wallhack un iespejams auto spray, bet 8. vai 9. raunda ap 4. minuti bija dzirdama ta skana. atvainojos par nepareizo gramatiku un tamlidzigam lietam.. vinkarsi nav laiks un nav latviesu valoda uz klaviaturas. aizdomiga speletaja steam profils: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198089369359 taa "skana" ir kad vins sauj pa kadu speletaju un ir nevis parasta default csgo skana, bet tada metaaliska. +vel freeday 3;20 var redzet ka bhopo auto-20190520-2024-jb_moonjail_v2.dem auto-20190518-2026-jb_snow_v2.dem